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Thanks for downloading the Halo Screen Saver!

Click here to start the download. The file is 1.14 MB in size. Save the file to a folder on your PC - you can use the Desktop if you wish.

System Requirements

You need the following components for the screen saver to work correctly:

Get QuickTime - Free Download

Make sure you have downloaded and installed all the system requirements listed above before installing the screen saver.

Installation Instructions

Having enjoyed watching the Halo 2 trailer, I decided to create a screen saver program that could show the trailer. I used Visual Basic 6 to create the screen saver. The screen saver should run on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and possibly Windows 98 and Windows ME. If you're using a Mac, I'm sorry, this won't work for you.

The file you download is a .msi file, which is a Windows Installer file. After downloading the file, you should be able to install it by double-clicking it. If your PC doesn't know what to do with .msi files, then you will need to download the Windows Installer from Microsoft.

The screen saver requires the QuickTime plugin, which is part of the QuickTime player. The QuickTime player is available from Apple. The screen saver uses the plugin to play any .mov file, so you can use it to play the Halo 2 trailer, or any other QuickTime movie you like.

Once you have downloaded the screen saver and installed it, and installed the QuickTime player, you just need to configure the screen saver to play the .mov file of your choice. You do this by bringing up the Display control panel, and selecting the screen saver tab. Select the "Halo 2 Screen Saver" entry in the list of screen savers, and then click the Settings button. This brings up a dialog where you can browse for the .mov file you want to show. You can also set the scale factor, which controls the size of the movie on the screen. Once you have picked your movie, you can click OK to return to the Display control panel. Clicking Preview will give you a preview of the screen saver that you can use to check if the movie is displaying correctly.

If you come across any bugs, or have other questions about the screen saver, send me an email. Please note that this version of the screen saver is no longer being developed. The latest version can be downloaded here (693 KB).

If you like the screen saver and are feeling generous, please click the "Donate" button at the top of the screen to make a donation via PayPal.


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